New Generation Golf Glove; Multi-Flexible material WORLD WIDE PATENT; Washable & Breathable

  • Multi-directional material
  • Non-slip
  • All weather
  • Quick drying breathable material
  • Deodorizing and antibacterial coating
  • Machine washable
  • Enhanced durability with unmatched grip performance

    Detailed Features:

    • The FIT39 EX glove will be the best fitting, most comfortable glove you have ever worn due to its groundbreaking multi-directional material.
    • Will fit any shape of hand and remain snugly in place regardless of the position of movement of your hand.
    • The breathable material helps to draw moisture away from your hand.
    • "Emboss Technology" helps you maintain a powerful grip in all weather conditions.
    • Available in various colors.
    • The FIT39 EX glove gives levels of unparalleled comfort.
    • Comes with a deodorizing and antibacterial coating.
    • Durable and machine washable.


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